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100 years of Service in Vincennes

By Lindsay Owens

Historic document photos were found at the Knox County Public Library.. Other photos were taken by
Steve LaRoche
Past District Governor 2010-2011
Rotary International District 6580


The city of Vincennes is known for quite a few things. It’s the home of William Henry Harrison’s Grouseland, Vincennes University, and the George Rogers Clark Memorial. A lesser known fact about the city that serves as the county seat of Knox County is that it is also home to the first Rotary Club in a city under 100,000. The club will turn 100 later this month and will be celebrating its centennial with a banquet on March 28 at Green Activities Center on the Vincennes University campus. Special guest speaker for the celebration will be Rotary President Gary, C.R. Huang. The Vincennes club is one of only a handful of the thousands of clubs around the world that has had the honor of having Huang visit.

Rotary, one of the first service organizations in the world,was started in February of 1905 by Paul P. Harris, as a place for professionals with diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and form life-long friendships. The name of the group was derived from its early practice of rotating the location of meetings from the offices of each member.

The clubs, which can be found around the world, have a deep commitment to service and now boast over one million members all dedicated to service.

Vincennes residents fought hard to bring Rotary to the area. In fact, letters from the International Association of Rotary Clubs rejected the city in 1913 due to its size. At the time, Rotary Clubs were only located in cities with a population of at least 100,000. Persistence paid off though, and the Vincennes club was organized on March 12, 1915 and was issued Charter number 151 on April 1, 1915.

Over the last 100 years, the Vincennes Rotary Club has had many notables and the future of the club, made of up over four dozen members, looks bright.

Doug Steele, the current president of the Club said the group is working on district grants and deciding on projects.

“Last year, we did Rotary Reading Corners at schools,” said Steele.

The Rotary reading Corners featured books and other materials donated by the club. Later this month, club members will get their hands dirty as they install new playground equipment at Lester Square. The club matched a $3,500 district grant to provide the new equipment that cost about $10,000.

“The new equipment has a fire truck theme,” said Steele, adding equipment is a centennial gift to the city from the club. “Our club will be putting the new jungle gym together.”

Steele said the Rotary club will also continue to provide the personalized “All About Me” books to Knox County kindergarteners. The “I Like Me” books started in 1997 and continues to be a popular project with the Vincennes club as well as others in District 6580.

“We have high school students who have been at our Rotary programs that say they remember getting those books when they were in kindergarten and some of them say they still have the books today,” said Jim Gislason who has held a variety of positions within Rotary International including district governor. “It’s a great thing for the kids.”

The Vincennes Rotary has also started Interact Clubs for students at Lincoln and Rivet high schools. The Interact Clubs are continuing to gain popularity with students at both schools.

Steele said plans are in the works to also get college students involved in the service organization. “We hope students want to become a part of Rotary when they come back here after college,” said Steele. “We have to plan for the next 100 years of Rotary in Vincennes. Everyone who joins, hopes to give back to their community in some way, shape or form. It’s really self-fulfilling.”


Highlights from the last 100 years of the Vincennes Rotary Club

1913 – Letters from the International Association of Rotary Clubs rejects Vincennes request for a club due to the size of the city.

April 1, 1915- Charter No. 151 is issued to Vincennes Rotary making it the 151 club and the first club in a town with a population under 100,000.

July 1, 1915 – Local Rotarians vote to build a fountain at the corner of College, Seventh and what was then Fairgrounds Avenue. The fountain, completed in 1916, became known as Rotary Point. The fountain was replaced with a new granite monument in 2006.

1918 – John Napier Dyer, a farmer, was installed as president of the Vincennes Rotary Club and was also elected District Governor of Indiana. Rural – Urban Nights started the same year to bring farm and city business men together to figure out how to do business together better. Dyer was later nominated for election as President of the International Association of Rotary Clubs. He lost on the third ballot after his supporters had to catch their trains home.

1920’s – Rotarians sponsored Christmas parties for children in the orphanages. The parties continued until 1979.

March 10, 1935 – The club celecrates 20 years in Rotary.

1940 – Rotary fonder Paul Harris visits Vincennes. He toured the George Rogers Clark Memorial. T. Max Shircliff and his wife Martha, travel to Cuba for the International Rotary Convention. Shircliffe was named Governor of District 156.

 April 1958 – Rotary begins sponsorship of Cub League Baseball. The club still sponsors the program today.

1970’s – The club helps found the Spirit of Vincennes Rendezvous. Members also sponsored and manned a food booth selling French Lemonade and Gaulette cookies. The booth was discontinued in 2010.

1983 – Rotarians started raising money help fight polio. Local members pledged over $34,000 to help put an end to the disease. At the time, over 375,000 new cases of polio were diagnosed annually. Today, the number of cases diagnosed has dwindled tremendously.

1986 – Vincennes Rotary establishes a Rotary International Record by having three District Governors in the same family. T. Max Shircliff (1940 – 1941); son Robert (1975-1976) and son James (1986-1987).

1990- Women are introduced to the club for the first time. Mary Gladys Wheeler, Earlene Holland and Carol Smith all became members.

1994 – Club Board of Directors approves a motion to form a charitable foundation called “Vincennes Rotary Foundation”. The Foundation has total net assets of $414,295. 58. The initial transfer from the club to the foundation was $14, 244.48.

1995 – Rotary Galas become an annual event until 2014.

1997- “I Like Me” book program for kindergartners is started. The program continues today.

1998 – Rotarians donate $4,500 to help construct the Bettye J. McCormick Senior Center.

Oct. 2000 – “Open World” visit Vincennes from Russia. Since the first group in 2000, five other groups have visited.

2012 – Interact Club is formed at Lincoln High School. A second club as added at Rivet in 2013.

March 28, 2015 – Vincennes Rotary celebrates 100 yeas of Rotary with a special centennial celebration. Several events are scheduled throughout the day.

Still ‘Old School’

Gene Miiller remains the same whether it is in Green and Orange or Black and Gold.


Todd Lancaster


There are few places with as rich a tradition of high school basketball as Vincennes Lincoln. With 70 sectional titles and a pair of state championships, Lincoln basketball can be traced back to Indiana High School basketballs earliest days.

In fact Vincennes and Washington hold the distinction of maintaining the state’s oldest continual rivalry. In fact, there are plenty of things that have contributed to that rivalry staying hot, and currently, one of them might just be the one man who has posted an incredible legacy coaching at both schools – Gene Miiller.

Long before Miiller won his third state championship with the Hatchets, he was building his Hall of Fame resume as the long-time head coach of the Alices.

Miiller spent 17 years in Vincennes, becoming the second winningest coach in Lincoln history. Miiller amassed a 302-106 record that included 15 sectional titles in 17 year and an appearance in the 1984 State Final, all while on his way to 630-plus wins and a spot in the Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame.

When Miiller came to Vincennes in fall of 1981 he had the tough task of of not only following Hall of fame coach Orlando “Gunner” Wyman, but following him the year after bringing Lincoln its first title since 1923.

In an odd twist of fate, Miiller would repeat that situation again in the fall of 2005, when he replaced Dave Omer in Washington, again, immediately after a championship season.

“I’m not sure, but I think I am the only coach to ever do that,” laughed Miiller.

Miiller said he knew right away that Lincoln was a special job.

“Adams Coliseum is a great place, very special. The first time I saw it was the day I interviewed there. I had never been to Vincennes and they asked me if I wanted to see the gym,” said Miiller. “We walked in and it was dark, so the principal flipped on the lights and I just feel in love with the it. I guess I’m a traditionalist, but I love the old gyms.”

Miiller said he spend eight years in Adams and nine in the new gym, but his most special memories was the last game played at Adams.

“I think the game I remember the most was the last game in Alice Arena. We had at least one player from every team going back to 1926 be introduced that night. It was very special,” he said.

“I knew when I got here that Vincennes fans were very knowledgeable and passionate. We had some great fans,” said Miiller. “One of the first things I heard was that (possession of) the chairback seats at Adams where one of the items that people used to fight over in divorce settlements.”

Miiller, a former South Newton and Wabash College player was just 28 when he left Kankakee Valley and accepted the Lincoln job. He still has very fond memories of that first team at Lincoln.

“Tim Vieke (who later coached at Rivet) was my only returning starter from the championship team. He and Robin Talbott, who was my main guy coming off the bench that year. We had a lot of young guys around them and we had a very good year.”

Miiller said that going to the state final in 1984 is the first thing he thinks about when he thinks back about his Vincennes days.

“I think the semistate final was the best feeling though, just watching the clock rundown with a 13-point lead on Floyd Central,” said Miiller. “I think that was the first time semistate was played at Hulman Center (in Terre Haute), so it was a little different,” said Miiller.

“We had four guys that scored in double figures and one guy that got about 9 (per game) that year. We had Dean Tolbert and Randy Hobson, our two starting guards score 31 and 30 in that game between them. Tim Swan was our leading scorer, but he picked up some early fouls and didn’t play that much. We had Charlie Waggoner who started as a sophomore and Paul Hendrixson. They were one of the most competitive teams I ever coached.”

Miiller said he never dreamed he would be coaching with Big 8 rival Washington.

“I never once thought I would end up in Washington. If fact, I never thought I would leave Vincennes,” said Miiller. “All of my daughters (Hanna, Heidi and Heather) all started school and finished school there. It was great place for them,” said Miiller.

“After Heather graduated, the opportunity came up to go Lafayette Jefferson. The girls were grown, it was close to home and Jeff was the school that everyone kind of looked to in that area. It was in the North Central Conference which was the state’s best conference at the time, we said if it is ever going to happen then now is the time to do it.”

Miiller had another interest twist of fate when he left Jeff. He left Jeff to take the Washington job exactly 63 years after Hall of Fame coach Marion Crawley left Washington to take the Jefferson job.

“I grew up watching Marion Crawley coach at Jeff, he was one of the guys I really respected as coach,” added Miiller.

Miller said going to Jeff first actually made the transition to Washington a little easier.

“It was a little odd for my daughters at first to root for Washington. It is different now than during the first couple of  years, but I think everyone is used to it now,” said Miiller. “It is nice because I get a chance to reconnect with people.”

“We had some great games with the other county teams back then. I think the first game I coached against South Knox was just crazy. There were some really intense games with Rivet as well early on.”

One of those players who has spent a significant part of his life with Miiller is current Hatchet assistant Brandt Schuckman. Shuckman has not only been an assistant for Miiller in Washington and Jeff, he was a 4-year player for Miiller at Lincoln (1988-92), and a towel boy for the Alices when he was in junior high. He later went on to play at Cornell, after a successful prep career with the Alices.

“I went through Gene’s summer basketball camps as a kid and his style of coaching hasn’t changed,” said Schuckman. “Practices are as similar today as they were back then. He doesn’t have many weaknesses as a coach.

“I think I learned the most that eighth grade year, just sitting on the bench and being in the huddles. It helped me tremendously as a player. I wanted to win four conference championship and four sectional championship in my four years and we accomplished that.”

Current Lincoln coach and athletic director Jeff Hein says Gene is one of the people he respects the most in the coaching profession.

“I go way back to my playing days at Heritage Hills. I just remember how much respect my coach had for him,” said Hein. “I have been lucky enough to coach against him at Boonville, Bosse and Lincoln.He is still the exact same gentleman, fully deserving of all respect he is given.”

Gene married his wife of 39 years, Debra, in 1972 and they were together until her passing in 2011. Gene remarried recently to Linda Donovan.

Gene is also proud father and grandfather. Hanna (Stowers) lives in Washington, Heidi (Tiesing) lives in New Albany and Heather (Garrison) lives in Noblesville.


Wreaths Across America

Bruceville trucker and wife deliver wreaths for Arlingtion National Cemetery

By Bernie Schmitt

From the cab of his big rig, Don Crouse has seen the nation’s “purple mountain majesties,” its magnificent vistas, and lots of American towns and cities. What he did during the holiday season exemplifies his feelings for his country and those who fight to keep it free.

A veteran truck driver from Bruceville, Crouse and his wife, Cindy, joined other over-the-road colleagues in December to deliver thousands of Christmas wreaths that decorated the gravesites of soldiers buried in Arlington Memorial Cemetery.

Crouse has been driving big rigs across the United States for more than 40 years. When he learned help was needed in transporting Christmas wreaths from Maine to Arlington, Va., he knew he had to be involved.

“I’ve never been in the military,” Crouse said, “but I appreciate the freedom we have.  The soldiers buried there gave their lives in the name of freedom. The least we can do is to help honor them.”

The Crouses were one of 71 big-rig trucks that delivered wreaths for thousands of soldiers’ graves at Arlington. They drove from Indiana to Columbia Falls, Maine, a small town 30 miles south of Canada and a mile from the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to the Worcester Wreath Company which donated the wreaths.

“We arrived there on Dec. 9, and the wreaths were loaded on Dec. 10,” Crouse said. “It had been raining for a couple of days and it was snowing as we headed south. We made it down to Newburg, New York the first day and to Carlisle, Pennsylvania on the second day, where we had the truck and trailer washed.”

The famed Rolling Thunder Honor Guard motorcycle riders met a convoy of trucks at the Hall of Heroes in Washington, D.C. and escorted them down Constitution Avenue to Arlington National Cemetery on Saturday, Dec. 13, for ceremonies. Thousands of volunteers, including active-duty military personnel, helped to organize and lay wreaths on 220,000 graves.

“One of the neatest things about this was seeing all the small children there with their parents,” Crouse said. “It was one of those times where if you didn’t have a tear in your eye there was something wrong with you.”

Wreaths were taken to 1,100 other military cemeteries throughout the country and some to foreign nations.  The second Saturday in December has traditionally been the day U.S. Presidents have laid wreaths on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In 2008, Congress designated that second Saturday as “Wreaths Across America” Day.

This wasn’t the first time Crouse has helped deliver wreaths. He was a part of it in 2008 and in 2011. He and Cindy have sweatshirts with the “Wreaths Across America” logo on them, as well as the quotation: Don’t say I should have, say I did.

“We really have to thank my boss, Tom and Marsha Boyd of T.S. Boyd Grain in Washington,” Crouse said. “I can’t thank them enough. I was willing to pay my way, but needed the use of the truck. But they paid for the fuel, the highway tolls, and they paid us for our time.”

Crouse also wants to publicly thank Logan Graber, Mike VanLue, and Mark Headley for their help in working out the logistics for their trip to 1,700-mile trip from Indiana to Maine, and then down to Virginia.

For many years Crouse was an independent driver, having bought how own truck back in 1974. He would be out on the road for three months at a time. The job has sometimes put a strain on truckers and their families. He put around two million miles on his last truck and had to decide whether to go into debt for a new one or drive for someone who had a truck fleet. That’s when he applied for Boyd Grain.

“It’s nice because we’re home a little more often,” Crouse said.

Crouse knew nothing of the Facebook social network on the Internet until he won an I-Pad at a truck show in Dallas about four years ago.  He met, or rather re-connected with Cindy upon sending her a Facebook message three years ago. Both are graduates of North Knox High School. He was graduated in 1966 and Cindy was graduated in 1967. They married a short time after that.

“We have a good time together,” Cindy Crouse said. “I like it. He had me in 42 states in about six months.”

Don does the driving, refueling, and maintenance if needed, and Cindy does the paperwork and prepares meals. They have seen about every scenic mile this country can offer. Cindy likes being home more often, but she misses the mountains. She also likes being in the Seattle area where her children and grandchildren live.

“She had no idea how many Wal-Marts, Lowe’s or Home Depots we would stay at,” Crouse said.

Over the years Crouse has hauled everything from lumber to tennis shoes. He once hauled the entire Peter Pan Show to Branson, Mo. Another time he delivered a load of Harley-Davidson motorcycles from Pennsylvania to California.

“There are a lot of hijacking networks in the U.S.,” Crouse said. “The most popular things they like to steal are loads of energy drinks, shoes, and laundry detergent. That because it’s high dollar and easy to move.”

Truckers are not permitted to carry firearms, but they take along their dog Bella who is a pretty watchful companion.

“You can’t carry anything to protect yourself, except a dog,” Crouse said. “And she’s very protective.”

He credits radio personality Dave Nemo, whose show is now syndicated and broadcast on satellite radio, for getting him into trucking. Nemo got his start at the famed New Orleans station WWL, which continues to have a late-night show for truckers. It was listening to Nemo when Crouse learned about the Wreaths Across America project.

“Years ago, we listened to that station and if your family had to get in touch with you they could call that station and they’d put a message out. This was in the days before cell phones. My family knew to request the song “Give Me 40 Acres” and whoever requested the song, I’d know who to call.”

Crouse says the second best thing to happen in truckers in this modern age is satellite radio. The number one thing, he said, is female truck drivers.

“Thanks to them we now have private show facilities at truck stops,” he said. “They are the best thing to happen to trucking.”

He and Cindy hope to deliver wreaths again next year. He’s hoping to talk his boss into painting a mural on the side of the truck’s trailer in support of the project. He’s even got a drawing sketched out.

“We’ll see,” he said. “It would be nice to let everyone know about this project. We want to get the word out.

“It’s important for kids to know the facts about how they have the freedom to do what they do,” Cindy Crouse said. “We hope to be a part of that.”


For more information about the Wreaths Across America project, log onto Learn about the man who started the project, Morrill Worcester, by logging onto and look for “Taking the Hill.”


Bringing it Home

Stories and photos by Bill Richardson

It’s 10 a.m. the day before Valentine’s Day and Bill Collins literally has his hands full.

The owner of Roots Florist in Lawrenceville, Illinois, Collins casually engages in chitter-chatter with customers and fellow workers while at the same time filling orders and doing what he does best — designing floral arrangements.

A 44-year-old Lawrence County native, he grew up south of Lawrenceville and graduated from Red Hill High School in 1989. Collins spent two decades after high school working in the floral business, mostly in big cities in the southern part of the country – something he’ll always treasure.

“It was great,” Collins said of his time away from Lawrence County. “I loved it, really. I had a great time. Mostly, I learned a lot.”

He’d have been happy to continue on that path, and would have no doubt been successful. However, returning to his roots (thus the name of the flower shop) was always in the back of Collins’s mind, if not in the forefront. It was important, he says, to be near his mother and other family members.

After taking a couple of years to search for just the right spot, Collins purchased the building at 616 12th Street, just north of Lawrenceville’s historic town square. It’s a building with a lot of history. In the 1800s, the structure served as the town’s U.S. Post Office, according to Collins, but it had been vacant for decades.

The renovation took a lot of hard work, but when it was done Collins had the perfect place to display what he creates. The room is large, and filled with not just floral arrangements, but other unique and interesting items that are designed to catch one’s eye.

Floral design is more than a vocation for Collins, and even more than an avocation. It’s more like a calling.

“I’ve always had an interest in horticulture and design, primarily design,” he said. “Even when I was young, I enjoyed working with my hands and with God’s creations. I didn’t want to get in any trade where I wouldn’t be working with my hands and with flowers.”

As a teenager, Collins was fortunate to find avenues for his interest to grow. He worked on local farms, including one owned by John Finley, Sr. and gardened with Jack and Idelle Snyder — both of whom are recently deceased — in rural Lawrenceville.

“When I was 14, Jack and Idelle moved back into the county,” Collins said. “They asked me to help with the flowers in their yard and I learned so much. It’s the same with the farmers I worked with. I enjoyed it and they taught me a lot.”

Offering flowers and other plants would be enough, but Collins doesn’t stop there.

To that end, you never know what you’ll find at Roots. Collins has been known to make displays out of things he’s found in ditches. The shelves could contain a metal rooster, candle-holders, wind chimes or even a wooden elephant.

“I don’t want it to look like a flower shop you see all across the board,” he said. “I’ve been in a lot of them over the last 22 years. Roots is a little different. I have a different concept of the way I want my shop to look, other than normal, and I’m happy with it. I like antiques. I want the store to have a different feel, more naturalistic.”

Designing floral arrangements for weddings is also a specialty. Collins got into wedding design during his time away and now finds himself in demand.

Usually, he says, a wedding will take two full days of work.

“I love the wedding work,” he said. “It’s a whole different ballgame now, compared, to say, 15 years ago. It used to be a lot more formal, but now people are a  little more relaxed. It allows (wedding designers) to be a little more creative, which I like.”

Collins is frequently called to work weddings in Nashville, Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta.

He takes pride in the fact that people often recognize his work.

“They’ll see my work in a venue and know I did it,” he said. “That speaks volumes.”

Collins has also joined in the efforts to revitalize Lawrenceville’s downtown area, which are currently under way. Once he became a business owner, he felt it was his obligation.

“Lawrenceville’s had its struggles, like every other small town,” Collins said. “But it’s always kept going, which is wonderful to see.”

Plans are to repair sidewalks, erect new streetlights, give face-lifts to storefronts, and purchase urns for massive floral displays.

“I jumped on that quickly, due to having pride in my hometown,” Collins said of joining the committee. “I want to see downtown the way it used to be, a thriving, welcoming downtown.”

He’s committed to the community, to the point that he recently bought a “farm house” in rural Lawrence County.

It won’t be a traditional farm, but Collins envisions “natural gardening, organic gardening and some flower fields.

“It’s a new adventure, an adventure in the urban lifestyle,” he said.

It also means that downtown Lawrenceville will have a unique flower shop for decades to come.

“The seed’s been planted,” he said. “(Buying a home) was the next step. This is where I’m going to stay.”

Indeed, Bill Collins has returned to his roots.


Real Food is Good Food

Cooking up sumptuous meals daily at McCormick Senior Center

By Bernie Schmitt

About seven years ago Ron Wise decided to retire — or at least he told himself that — and so he signed up to get his monthly Social Security.

But after two months of not working he was bored.

“I had to do something,” he said. “I’m not the kind who can just sit around.”

Then he learned that the Bettye J. McCormick Senior Center, a program of the local YMCA, needed a manager for its woodshop.  It was the perfect solution for the lifelong carpenter and former owner of The Pine Box. He has built his share of kitchen cabinets, gun cases, and fireplace mantles.

“I can’t read a newspaper very well, but I can sure read a tape measure,” he quipped.

“I came in for an interview and was halfway across the parking lot when they called and asked if I wanted the job,” he said. “I never really intended to work in the kitchen.”

Yet planning and preparing daily meals, and managing the Senior Center’s kitchen, is what Wise and his wife, Terry, a manager at PeaFections, are spending much of their time doing these days.

Terry Wise is the Center’s cook, and she has worked hard to provide quality meals for the Center’s clients the last two years. She has a background in food service, having worked years ago as a teenager at the former Charlie’s New Café. Her expertise has led to a bit of excitement for the clients who take their lunch at the Senior Center.

“The meals here have improved immensely,” said Nola Davis, Executive Director of the Bettye J. McCormick Senior Center. “They are excellent. The other day we had pork steak and gravy with mashed potatoes and it was great.”

Terry insists that she and her husband are not doing anything special. She likes to prepare food the old-fashioned way, by scratch, and refuses to serve things that are pre-processed and warmed-up in a microwave. Sometimes it takes a little more time and a little more effort, but the meals served daily meet governmental guidelines, the Center’s budget guidelines, and are tasty as well as nutritious.

“They’re getting real food here,” Terry said. “And it’s good.”

On a chilly February evening the couple was pouring over menu options for the next several weeks, along with the kitchen’s inventory.  Clients pay only $1 for a meal at the McCormick Senior Center.

“We have to find a way to provide good food for only a dollar a meal,” Ron says. “It took me forever to figure out how to do that. I figured and re-figured for the longest time. It’s getting harder and harder to do. The best I can do is $1.06 a meal.”

Davis insists that the price charged for a meal at the Center stays at $1.

“We don’t want to raise our rates,” Davis said. “Not for our elderly population. This is a service to people who are already on fixed incomes.”

Davis praises the couple’s efforts because of their dedication.

“They are very committed,” she said. “They often come in when they don’t have to, and Ron often donates his time.  They are very community-minded and will help in any way they can.  Terry is very creative, too, sometimes having S’mores at the fireplace or making homemade ice cream. Even if there is a mistake, she will make something of it.”

Ron and Terry are up and at the Center early, before Terry goes in for her shift downtown at 9.  Ron is at the Center throughout the day, mostly managing the wood shop, but also helping out in the kitchen. Terry gets out of her fulltime job at 5 p.m., and except for Fridays and Saturdays, she is back at the Center around 6:30 p.m. preparing the next day’s meal. Ron comes along, volunteering his time in the evenings, so that Terry isn’t by herself. Together they work on preparing the next day’s meal. They avoid working Friday and Saturday nights.

“I’m old school,” Terry said, while stirring a huge pot of homemade chili. “I actually prepare and cook good, old-fashioned meals. They’re nothing fancy, but everyone knows that when you make baked beans you put a little bacon in them. That’s something they had not been getting here.”

While planning meals they have to be careful to allow for a variety of food allergies, those with diabetes, and other special diets. They make accommodations accordingly.  The food has to be ready for the Center’s steam table by noon.

The Center would like to know if people are coming for lunch, so that Terry can prepare the right amount of food. There are some “walk-ins,” Davis said, but there is usually enough for a couple of extra plates. Terry and Ron try to plan accordingly, so there is no waste.

“They are not over-cooking,” Davis said. “There are some days when we think, ‘are we going to make it?’ but we usually do. They are doing a good job saving money and preventing waste.”

Anywhere from 80 to 100 people are served daily at the McCormick Senior Center, numbers that are staying fairly steady thanks to the meals Terry and Ron prepare.

“Every now and then people come up to us and say, ‘man, that meal was really good,’” Ron says. “We love to hear that.”

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La prise en charge du travail devrait être affecté à un autre département de la clinique ambulatoire, mais la relation entre les deux ministères doit être telle que toutes les archives du ministère prénatale doivent être immédiatement accessible, de sorte que quand un patient envoie à l'extérieur clinique du patient pour vente de cialis un médecin au moment du travail, il doit aller à l'affaire avec la pleine connaissance de l'histoire précédente du patient tout comme le fait un médecin en pratique privée, ou du moins il devrait savoir si le patient est considéré comme normal ou comme douteuse Dans des conditions idéales, la garde effective pendant le travail et au moment de la livraison doit être sous la responsabilité de troisième ou quatrième année, les étudiants en médecine ou à défaut, de jeunes diplômés à qui l'expérience acquise dans la conduite d'un grand nombre de les cas normaux se révéleront de la valeur. *!**!* Sous le terme de l'anémie secondaire sont inclus cialis 20 achat les cas d'anémie qui sont apparemment secondaire et symptomatique de, certaines cialis avec ordonnance en france lésions pathologiques précis sans incidence principalement les organes de sang-faire, tels que, par exemple, la fièvre typhoïde, priligy dapoxetine en france la syphilis, la septicémie, une maladie maligne, la fièvre paludéenne, et l'hémorragie. 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Dépend de causes telles que l'hémorragie, les parasites intestinaux, l'allaitement prolongé, l'hygiène défavorable, empoisonnement aux métaux, prix cialis 20mg france maladie maligne, infections aiguës et les maladies chroniques viagra inefficace produisant drains de longue date sur l'albumine excluant les effets de l'hémorragie, la pathogenèse déficient. la formation du sang, achat de kamagra en belgique la destruction excessive de sang, acheter du viagra au détail et une combinaison de ces deux procédés sont généralement considérés comme les trois possibles des facteurs essentiels dans la production de l'anémie. Hemogenesis insuffisantes doit être attribué à un grand nombre de causes différentes, parmi les plus importants dont on peut citer l'influence de milieu insalubre et une alimentation insuffisante de la nourriture impropre et des puissances insuffisance de l'assimilation. 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