Christmas Treats

Specialty shops serve up seasonal goodies By Bernie Schmitt An old fashioned tradition and a new wave of holiday treats are keeping holiday elves at Charlie’s Candy Shop, 427 N. Second St., and at Pop Around the Clock, 1725 Han St., busier than ever this Christmas season. These are hometown businesses that savor the appreciation they receive from their customers, near […]


The man behind the beard

Courtesy of MCC Evcry Christmas Eve, children go to bed eagerly anticipating a visit from Santa Claus. This merry gentleman is purported to visit the home of every good girl and boy, delivering gifts and cheer along the way. Before the modem evolution of Santa Claus lived a very real and generous individual named Nicholas. In the third century, Nicholas served. as the […]


Santa Claus is a good man

Bill Bonhomme is the spirit of Christmas as he plays Santa Claus By Rama Sobhani Yes, Virginia, there is a Bill Bonhomme. A lifelong Vincennes resident, Bonhomme is the living incarnation of the spirit of Christmas, a physical representation of the charity and goodwill that is supposed to be what everyone takes away. Bonhomme loves to play Santa Claus, but the […]


The sweet smell of success

Jo Vermillion offers treats from traditional to trendy By Lindsay Owens Walk into Jo Vermillion’s shop, Patty Cakes, and the smell of freshly baked sweet treats and buttercream icing will surely bring a smile to your face. For the last four years, Vermillion has been offering up homemade cupcakes, cake balls, and other sweets to area residents. Making everything in the […]


Carrying The Message

Salvation Army couple offers hope and more during Christmas season By Bernie Schmitt Lieutenants Curtis and Laura Lunnam have been in Vincennes since late June, but in their first Christmas here hope to emphasiu: the importance of kettle donations. “This time of year is critical,” said Lt. Curtis Lunnam. “Ninety percent of our local budget comes from the donations people provide. […]


‘A Christmas Story’ brought to life

Old Town Players strive to entertain, without shooting your eye out By Lindsay Owens The iconic holiday movie “A Christmas Story” by Philip Grecian is brought to life on the Old Town Players stage. It began the weekend of Dec. 12, 13, 14 and continues the weekend ofDcc. 19, 20, 21. For six performances the […]


Letting the Tubas Shine

Tuba players get the spotlight at annual Tuba Christmas program By Bill Richardson There is only one Oystcin Baadsvik.. Yet thanks to Tuba Christmas, a nationwide program that’s been taking place in Knox County since 1984, even the most ordinary of sousaphone, baritone and euphonium players get to be a star for a day. This […]


Speeding into the holidays

By Rama Sobbani It doesn’t pay to dwell on certain things like a losing gamble or good times that you miss years later. In both cases what’s gone is gone and the only thing to do is look forward to the next thing, even if you don’t know what it is or when it may come. In a way, that’s how we feel […]


12 Festive Holiday Drinks

By Joy Neighbors The holidays are upon us! It’s the perfect time to celebrate with family and friends before the long, cold, dark winter months begin. Our ancient ancestors celebrated the winter solstice, which usually falls on Dec. 21 or 22, with stories, food and festivities, much the same way we now celebrate Christmas, Kwanzaa, […]


Ice-storm Christmas

By Madison Frederick HO! HO! HO! May all the warmth of the holiday season envelope you and your loved ones. There are countless feel-good, inspirational family stories that cheer us and warm our hearts during this time. One of my most vivid family Christmas memories deals with the lack of warmth … literally. I live in the Appalachian Mountains and many folks do not realize how vicious our weather can get sometimes. […]


What you may not know about Social Security but should

By Angie Moore The Social Security Administration’s primary job is paying benefits to 59 million beneficiaries, not acting as your financial advisor. The SSA doesn’t know all the variables that affect your decision about filing for benefits; however, the website,, has a lot of information that can help you in your decision-making process. The Earnings Test shouldn’t keep you from working in retirement. The earnings test may reduce benefits if you are collecting Social Security benefits and earning income […]


Alive and Well: The Spirit of Giving

By Brad Dillon Alot has changed in the past few years. Angry Birds became a national pastime. Maxi dresses and skinny jeans came back into style. China surpassed the United States to become the world’s largest economy. Innovative technologies disrupted whole industries. One thing hasn’t changed, though, and that is Americans’ generosity, especially when it comes to giving. While it’s true that philanthropy suffered some setbacks following the financial crisis and Great Recession, […]


World Peace Makes a Great Gift

By Todd Lancaster My wife asked me what my father might want for Christmas. I said “World Peace.” Truthfully at 81, “World Peace might be as practical as anything else I could give him. As I looked back on the  80 years I have known him. I realize, that whatever I come up with, he had previously purchascd for himself. He has 1,300 golf shirts and no longer plays golf. In fact even […]


Be kind to service workers at Christmas

By Bernie Schmitt This is for all of the under-appreciated retail clerks, restaurant cooks, waiters, waitresses, secretaries, delivery persons, nurses, firefightcrs, and police officers – and all others-whose jobs in service keep things rolling in our 24/7 America. The holiday season is an especially busy one for most of us, but more so for the workers who keep working, even while the rest of us are enjoying time off enjoying […]